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Thursday, September 08, 2005

More on New Orleans

However much liberals dislike facing facts, there is something seriously wrong with part of the black community in this country. Look at what has happened in New Orleans. Most of the white population got out when they could. Most of those who remained, were black, most of whom are the poorer inhabitants. The black mayor of NO, a certain Mr. Nagin, did **** all to evacuate his own people. He failed to implement the city's evacuation plan. Mayor Nagin blamed the Feds for failing to act. Now we are hearing that the Red Cross were barred from entering NO. What exactly did Mayor Nagin do to assist his people?

While on this topic, what exactly happening in the NO Police Department? Led by a black, a majority black police force, known for its corruption and inefficiency, many deserted. It seems nothing was done to maintain law and order. Nothing to prevent the robberies, rapes, arson and shootings that were occurring in the black neighborhoods. We read that violent criminals were released from prison, into the community, instead of being taken to other prisons. Thus the black community was bludgeoned by members of their own people.

Black politicians and celebrities seem to spend most of their time condemning President Bush. They justify theft. Looting is theft. They don't condemn the lawlessness of blacks, but they'll attack white politicians. Look at Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton rush in for photo ops. How much of their wealth are they donating?

National Guardsmen have been quoted as saying NO was like Baghdad, only wetter. Since when has it been normal for The National Guard to enter an American city as if were occupied by an enemy?

I've read articles where black residents of NO think evacuation is a white plot to reclaim the city. Look at the comments of that dopey rapper, that the National Guard was sent in to shoot black people. How many liberals have contradicted him? So how many blacks have been shot by Guardsmen?

Face up to it. Black politicians get off with massive incompetence. Just look at Detroit as another example. Black communities seem unable to help each other. Instead we see violence and crime. We see people demanding aid, rather than wanting to help each other. What we have seen is the anarchy of a community that cannot hold itself together, and that slips easily into savagery. The scale of it here is a reflection of the complete collapse of government in NO. This is affirmative action America. This what you get when discriminate against better qualified candidates, on the basis of race, when you try and exclude whites from serving in the police for example. This happened in NO, look what happened.

Look at the news reports on television. The majority of those going into help are white. Where are all these angry blacks when it comes to helping?

I'm sorry if you don't like this, but it is about race. The black community needs to address why they put up with politicians who exploit them, then abandon them. They need to address the high crime levels in their community. They need to stop blaming whites for their own failings. Considering the hatred aimed at the President, it is surprising that he wants to help.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Poverty and race.

Watching the disaster that has occurred in New Orleans, I could not but notice the division there is in America, between whites and blacks. New Orleans, a city of whom appromimately two thirds are black, has a black mayor, a black police chief, and a vast underclass of poor black people. A third of its population live under the poverty line. It has a reputation of high crime, and of massive corruption.

What was noticeable was that the majority of people who should have fled the city, but didn't, were black. That the majority of looters, were black. That the people shooting at the police, were black. The rescuers, those putting their lives on the line for others, were white. New Orleans Police Department, a force that does its best not to recruit whites, had a third of its officers desert. Some reports say that it was two thirds. Many of the looters were black police officers. It would be reasonable to assume that most officers who walked out on the city were black.

Don't get me wrong, just because I don't like Kanye West, or any of his racist outpouring, doesn't mean I don't like black people. I've met many good people who were black, been to college with many good black people, been taught by several good black professors. Besides, I've never heard of this West guy anyway.

My opinion of Kanye West, of Mayor Nagin and others, is of a people who cannot accept responsibility. A people who take welfare, without making any great attempt to improve their lives. Of a people who seem to turn to violence rather than self help, a people who turn on each other , rather than helping each other. Seeing reports of Biloxi, it seems that the white population there helped each other, and prevented the looting and crime that occurred in New Orleans.

Getting back to Mayor Nagin. How come this guy did so little to help his own people? Why didn't he use those school buses to get people out? Why didn't he evacuate the city as his emergency plan was supposed to? Why does he blame President Bush for the failings of his own administration, and his own Police Department?

I think it has to be said, as Bill Cosby has, that poor blacks have to honor their end of the deal. Instead of being the perennial victim, blacks should wake up and realize that they have created the ghettos. By working hard, and working together, they can share in the opportunities that America offers. By doing so, they can eliminate the ghettos. Blacks need to stop blaming the white man for everything and accept the responsibility for their lives, and that of the community.

Back to business

Hi again. I'm back, and I hope to be a frequent blogger again.

The reason for my absence was the short illness, then death, of my father. It gutted me, and I've struggled to be interested in writing. I'm ready to move on with life, and here goes with blogging.

May my father rest in peace, I miss him a lot.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

All is quiet on the western front.

I am afraid that I have not had the time time to attend to this blog this week. I am tied up with family matters.

I will be back. I have not forgotten my readers, few as there might be! I am hoping to relaunch the blog asap. A new name beckons!

Friday, August 19, 2005

English Only, Please.

Did anyone see that report on Lou Dobbs Tonight, regarding attempts to make English the official language of the USA?

The report showed part of Chicago, where mostly Mexicans have made their home. Making themselves at home is taken a little too far, as most speak little or no English, and have no need to. All the shops, businesses and government agencies speak Spanish. There is no need to learn or speak English in these ghettos. Obviously if you go out of your way to accommodate Mexicans, they won't want to learn English, which is the language of the United States. It is interesting to see the Mexican activists calling English speakers racist, for trying to impose the English language on everyone.

We are not the racists, you are. This is an English speaking country, this is our home, and we like it the way it is. If you invite yourself into this country, you should learn our language, and try and assimilate into American society. You have no right to insist on anything, no more than we have in your country. You show us no respect when you expect to turn America into a replica of the countries you left.

You made a choice to come here, we didn't beg you to come. If you do not want to speak English, you obviously have no wish to be American, nor be the same as us, for you must hold us in contempt. You seem to want the benefits of being in America, without wanting any of the responsibilities.

Dumb in Denver

How's this for the benefits of Mexican immigration into America. Denver Public Libraries are pulling 6000 Mexican "comic books" from the shelves, and are considering a review of 2.5 million books, CD's and videos. The comic books or "novellas" are photo stories that are usually with a high sexual content, often depicting rape. They are written, if that is the word, for the semi-literate folks south of the border, and kindly imported into public libraries for the benefit of mostly illegal Mexicans.

However, it seems that the compassionate librarians are finding objectionable material in English too. Hence the possibility of having to review all the materials that have been purchased.
  1. Should Denver be buying so many books in Spanish, which benefit the minority of people in Denver who do not want to learn English?
  2. Should Denver not be buying books that educate and enrich the lives of it's residents, rather than tacky pornographic material?
Has any librarian been reading the books they are putting on the shelves? Obviously they have no shame.

Little blue flags

I've noticed that a blue flag has appeared on the Blogger Navbar. According to Blogger, this is to identify illegal and objectionable content in blogs. It looks more like a form of censorship, it depends on how it is enforced.

My opinion is that within reason, freedom to blog is important as freedom of speech. No-one has to read any blog, especially if they find it distasteful. No-one has a right to go through life without being insulted, and I hope this is not an attempt to curtail controversial opinions.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Odd Rantings of the Left

Driving home tonight, listing to an AM talk radio station, a "progressive' one at that. On comes a gentleman who compares President Bush to Hitler. This is a listener not the host by the way. Now I don't like Bush very much. Actually I can't stand the guy, but I wouldn't call him, Dick Cheney, or Karl Rove, Nazis.

The Republicans were compared to Hitler's Brownshirts. Do the Republicans march down the streets beating up any Democrat they find? Do they set fire to Jewish businesses? Has Bush invaded Canada on the pretext of unifying English-speakers in North America? Actually he seems to be encouraging Mexico to invade us.

Have the Republicans burned down Congress and blamed it on liberals? Have they suppressed all democratic functions? Is America secretly arming? No, that's China. Have the Republicans seized control of newspapers and TV stations? No, most seem to be in Democrat-land.

I really do not see any comparison with Nazi Germany. It is an insult to the President to slur him as a Nazi. The Nazi's were evil personified, Bush is not evil, foolish maybe, evil no.

I am sure most Americans would ridicule anyone who said that Bush & Co. are Nazis. So why do liberals make these ridiculous comparisons? Perhaps they have run out of political ideas, and all that is left is the ability to hurl abuse.

Time For Change

It's time for a change here at Shipwrecks. An experimental new name, and hopefully I'll be adding a new look.

After three months of blogging, I've decided that the original title of Shipwrecks does not reflect what the blog has become. When I started, the title reflected the idea that the western nations were like ships, wrecked on the rocks of political correctness and multi-culturalism. However, I do not think the blog has kept to that idea, instead it has become a comment on anything that interests me that day.

So, I'm trying the name of the Columbus Summit as an experiment. If I like it after a few weeks, I can consider taking this blog in a slightly different direction. It's fun writing this blog, even if not many people read it!. It lets me express my opinion, humble as it might be. Incorrect as it might be. At least this blog does not engage at hurling insults at other bloggers.

I'll continue to put my point of view, and readers are welcome to comment on, correct or reject my opinion. The new title is named after Columbus, Ohio, where I live, and the "Summit" is a bad pun on bad slang - it is because I have "summit" I want to comment on.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It's a Mad, Mad World

One of my favorite columnists is Mark Steyn. I was re-reading an article he wrote two weeks ago, and it made me stop and think. Should I still be surprised at the events that have occurred recently. The answer is yes, I am surprised. Just as I am surprised when some moron cuts me up on the I-270. I know it could happen, but when it does, I'm not ready for it. So, to the Islamic terrorism in England. We all knew that eventually terrorists would strike Britain, it being a matter of when and where. When the bombings occurred last month, I was shocked, rather than just surprised.

I was shocked that this happened on the London Underground. Anyone who has traveled on it, or for that matter, the New York subway, would never expect that someone would detonate a bomb whilst traveling on it. Who would be so sick and perverted to do that? I was shocked that the people who committed this atrocity, were born and raised in Britain. Britain does have it's social ills, but what makes anyone who has grown up in a civilized society turn to random mass murder?

Who could expect that people from countries that Britain has few ties to, would be permitted to enter the country, be given public housing, and be given welfare benefits? Who would expect that these people would openly espouse violence and hatred, whilst receiving hand-outs from the British taxpayer?

I was surprised that naturalized Britons would want to attack the country that has provided them with sanctuary. I am still surprised that foreign Imans can preach intolerance, quite openly, and not be deported. I am surprised at the ease with which foreigners can enter a country like Britain, take whatever welfare that is on offer, and cause havoc. Without any fear of prosecution it seems.

I am surprised that foreigners seem to have more rights that citizens. I am surprised because it is happening here. I am surprised because it makes no sense. Why do our governments care more about non-citizens, than those who are? Why don't we get a say on whether we want our way of life disturbed by people who despise us?

It's a mad, mad world, and I'm surprised how mad it is.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Going, Gaza, Gone

"A Jew shouldn't expel a Jew", this was the chanting of a Jewish crowd protesting at the forced expulsion of Jewish settlers from the Gaza strip, an area of Palestinian land occupied by Israel since the 1967 war.

There are twenty one Jewish settlements in this region, and one by one, the Israeli army is forcing it's own people to abandon homes and businesses, and return the land to the dispossessed Palestinians. Some are simply walking out of the homes they built in this inhospitable landscape, others are destroying the roofs of their houses, or uprooting every plant they find, so that nothing of any use is left.

This is a political decision by Israel's government, to cede conquered territory back to a people who are still fighting for their homeland. A people who are still fighting a people they consider invaders. The Palestinians, to judge by the actions of the more militant part of their people, will be happy only when there are no more Jews in this part of the Middle East. It is the sad reality that two peoples covet the same piece of land.

Right or wrong, the state of Israel exists, and it and it's people have a right to a homeland, and a right to live in peace. Ever since it's creation in 1948, Israel has been threatened by the Arab population within and without it's borders. Some Arab nations still do not recognize the Jewish state, and wish it's destruction.

As a result of the wars that Israel has been forced into, and despite being a small nation, Israel was able to conquer surrounding lands, and enlarge the country. It is normally accepted that the right of conquest is a de facto state of affairs. Nobody for example, suggests that Russia should be forced to hand over lands it took by force in the Second World War. But Israel wants to be at peace, and it is willing to make concessions to achieve that aim. It is handing back a lot of the land it took, and returning it to the Palestinians.

The trouble is, that previous governments encouraged the settlement of the captured territories. Now the current bunch of politicians, want to evict the settlers. They are quite happy to destroy the communities that were created in the wilderness. It is the people who suffer, not the politicians in Jerusalem. So they have become expendable, and the Israeli army is turned upon the people it is supposed to defend.

Whether this will buy Israel peace or not, is something I can write about another day. My sympathies lie with the settlers who have tried to create a western civilization out of nothing. I try to have sympathy with the Palestinians, but they appear to be too full of hatred for Jews, to be deserving of much. I'm not saying the Israelis are perfect, nor denying they took land that others inhabited. That is typical of history, wars come and go, borders change, civilizations rise and fall. My gut feeling is that this a withdrawal of a superior civilization, and a betrayal of the people of Israel.